From the Earth to the Moon (and Beyond): New In-depth Report Provides Detailed Review of Commercial Opportunities in Cislunar Space

LITTLETON, Colorado, October 13, 2022 – For the first time in 50 years, humans are preparing to venture out beyond Earth orbit to the moon. This new era will bring exciting new commercial opportunities from Earth orbit to the lunar surface and beyond.

A new report, “Cislunar Market Opportunities – In-Space Business within the Earth-Moon System,” provides an in-depth analysis of this emerging economy. The 161-page report provides detailed information on programs being undertaken by leading companies and space agencies around the world. There are in-depth analyses of commercial prospects as well as resources sections with links to official websites, stories, reports and press releases.

The Cislunar Market Opportunities Report

The report is broken down into five sections.

  • Chapter 1. An overview of the sector.
  • Chapter 2. In-Space Infrastructure in Earth orbit – satellite servicing and life extension, in-space assembly and manufacturing, propellant depots, orbital platforms, space tugs and transfer vehicles, space debris removal and more.
  • Chapter 3. Lunar Markets – commercial robotic missions, resource extraction and utilization, communications and navigation satellites, power systems, science and technology R&D, sponsorships and promotions, data storage.
  • Chapter 4. Human Cislunar Activity – Commercial space stations, NASA’s Artemis program and other commercial opportunities.
  • Chapter 5. The Decade Ahead – A look at how the cislunar economy will develop in the 2020’s.

“Cislunar Market Opportunities” provides a comprehensive overview of all the major activities and players in the sector. It is an update on NewSpace Global’s 2019 report on the cislunar sector. 

The report is a must-have for anyone who wants to understand this emerging space sector.

Download it today:

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NewSpace Global, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Multiverse Media Group, has been a leading market analysis firm specializing in emerging commercial space opportunities since 2011. The new Cislunar Market Opportunities report marks the return of scheduled and timely reports from NewSpace Global, which is under new management.

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