The Lunar Habitation Report

A New Report Showcases the Roadmap to Long-Term Lunar Habitation and the Economic Opportunity Created by Lunar Exploration

DENVER, Colorado, October 11, 2023 – As Space Week 2023 comes to a close, NewSpace Global, a Multiverse Media brand, is pleased to announce the availability of its latest report, “Economic Opportunity Created Through Sustained Lunar Habitation by 2040: Roadmapping the Opportunities, Technologies, and Challenges of Lunar Exploration.” The purpose of the report is to provide a financially focused market overview of the technologies and timelines associated with long-term human habitats on the moon.


The report is broken down into the following sections.

    • Economic Opportunity of Lunar Habitation
    • Market demand for lunar-derived resources
    • Space-based manufacturing
    • Investment by Country/Group
    • Job creation and growth of new industries
    • Technological Requirements for Lunar Habitation
    • Resource extraction and utilization technologies
    • Challenges and Considerations
    • Timeline and Milestones
    • Projected milestones by 2040
    • Resource export and economic contributions


The concept of lunar habitation holds profound implications for scientific exploration, resource utilization, and the expansion of human civilization beyond Earth. This report provides an overview of the economic opportunities, essential technologies, challenges, and a timeline for the development of lunar habitation by 2040 and beyond.


Lunar resources are a potential goldmine, offering economic promise at various time horizons. These resources include water ice for propellant and life support (near term), solar power (medium term), rare minerals and metals (long term), and helium-3 for nuclear fusion (longer term). The growing market demand for lunar-derived resources necessitates an economic analysis, balancing production costs against return on investment. Key factors influencing this analysis include advancements in the energy sector, space-based manufacturing, Earth’s resource constraints, and potential international investments.


Joe Reagan, President of NewSpace Global said: “This report combines the optimism of an explorer with the practicality of an investor. Lunar habitation will create tremendous value in the long-term, but there are numerous technical hurdles to overcome before we get there – this report shows you the way.”


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NewSpace Global, a Multiverse Media brand, has been a leading market analysis firm specializing in emerging commercial space opportunities since 2011. The 2023 Lunar Habitation Report marks the fourth report from NewSpace Global since it came under new management.


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