Journalist, Space

Role Overview

At Multiverse, with our emphasis to inform, educate and inform, you’ll find a positive working environment where we want to share your talent and creativity to reach a global audience, impacting their lives.

We will assign you stories based on what’s news but we encourage you to explore your interests, and pitch us.

You should be able to read and parse academic research and data, be mindful of the economic and policy implications of a topic ,and take science and technology subjects and be able to convey them to general audience if need.

Roles and Responsibilities:

Pitch, report, and write stories on the space beat.

Knowledge, Skills and Competencies:

3+ years of experience as a science or technology journalist.

Possession of excellent verbal and written communication skills.

Experience covering the science and technology, space or business beat preferred.

A clear, engaging, concise, jargon-free writing style.

Techincal Skills:

Working with Microsoft Word, Google Docs and WordPress.

Education and Experience Requirements:

Bachelor’s degree in communications, journalism or relevant field.